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Visit Paraguay 
Short trip to some attractions in Paraguay
Other Jesuit Missions in Paraguay
Short trip to some attractions in Paraguay
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Other Jesuit Missions in Paraguay
San Ignacio Guazu
Located in the Department of Misiones, it is the oldest of the reductions founded by the Jesuits, 1609. An old house today houses a museum where exhibits pieces that integrate one of the finest collections of indigenous art of the Jesuit period. It represents the first Jesuit Mission of Paraguay. Distant 226 km from Asuncion, 144 km from Encarnacion and 66 km from Vila Florida. Location of the San Ignacio Guazu.

Santa Maria de Fe
Founded in 1647, by Father Enmanuel Berthod, it is located 10 km from San Ignacio Guazu. In its museum of Jesuit art, established in one of the houses of Indians, are beautiful images, such as the Nativity group and other testimonies of its rich cultural and religious past. The theme of the museum can be described as "Cristocentrico". An image of a Virgin, in wood, of two meters of height, is in the present church of the town, The church was destroyed in 1889 by a fire. The square, lined with lush trees, invites the tourist to rest. The wooden craftsmanship of Santa María de Fe stands out for its color and originality. Location of Santa Maria de Fe.

Santa Rosa de Lima
It was founded in 1698 with families from Santa Maria de Fe. Its attractions are: the original belfry (built in red stone - itaky), the vestiges of the original church and a whole Indian house. The chapel of "Nuestra Sra de Loreto" holds precious artistic treasures: frescoes painted on its walls and impressive images carved in wood. The current church has the original altarpiece of an ancient lateral altar that, because of its importance, became the main altar. The chapel forms the most attractive bell tower, which still continues to provide services. In the time of the Jesuits the church of Santa Rosa was one of the most admired by its architectonic wealth and profuse ornamentation, was destroyed by a fire in 1883. It is located 248 km from Asuncion, 122 km from Encarnacion and 23 km from San Ignacio. Location of Santa Rosa de Lima.

Santiago Apostolo
The mission was refunded in 1669. It has a picturesque town center with an Indian house and a museum of beautiful religious carvings. In the parochial church is the unique Jesuit altarpiece of the country and an impressive equestrian statue representing Santiago overcoming the Moors. This old Jesuit reduction still retains many colonial features, such as its central square, the Indian house and the museum, which has four exhibition halls, which exhibit baroque statues of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and vestiges of the old church Of Santiago (Collapsed in 1907). It is located on the left side of Ruta Nº 1 (17 km away) and 32 km from San Ignacio. Location of Santiago Apostolo.

San Cosme and Damian
It was founded in 1632 in a different place and its current situation is from 1760. It was well known, even in Europe, thanks to the works and studies on astronomy of Father Buenaventura Suarez, who built telescopes, astronomical quadrants and a sundial. The current church includes images of poly-chrome wood and various carvings, armchairs, candelabra, baptismal font and the almost square, sundial made of stone. One of the chairs used by Pope John Paul II during his visit to Paraguay in 1988. It has an Astronomical Interpretation Center "Buenaventura Suarez" (planetarium and observatory with telescope), enabled in 2010. They are located 39 km from the detour of Ruta Nº 1 (km 310), to the right, 341 km from Asunción and 66 km from Encarnacion. Location of San Cosme and Damian.

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Ruta 7
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Caacupe Catedral
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Chipa on the way
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Strong agriculture
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Downtown Asuncion
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Panteon of the Heros
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Asuncion, capital of Paraguay
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Asuncion Metropolitan Cathedral
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Lopez Palace
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Old Train Station
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Church of La Encarnacion
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Museum in Asuncion
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Lopez Palace by night
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Pottery in Aregua
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Ypacarai Lake - San Bernardino
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Yaguaron Church
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Roque Gonzales Bridge
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Jesus de Tavarangue Mission - Ruins
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Trinidad Mission - Ruins
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Handcrafts at Trinidad Ruins

 Visit Paraguay

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