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2 - Main Attractions 
click to enlargeIguassu Falls: located between two national parks, it is one of the world´s precious jewels with 272 separate waterfalls plunging from cliffs of up to 80 meters high. It is composed of the largest group of falls in the world; there are 2.700 meters of continuous falls distributed between Brazil an Argentina.
click to enlargeIguassu Falls by Boat: surrounded by exotic rainforest butterflies, birds and (if you look very carefully) other animals, you will experience an exciting boat trip literally under the magic waters of the Iguassu Falls. No words can describe the feelings inspired by this beautiful and breathtaking adventure.
click to enlargeIguassu Falls by Helicopter: minutes over such beautiful scenery become an eternity. Enchanting is the only word to describe this flight over the green sub-tropical rainforest and waterfalls of the Iguassu National Park. An extended flight over the cities of the region and the Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam is also offered.
click to enlargeBird Park: the birdsong from the park can be heard from far away; imagine listening to this exotic concert for several hours as you stroll the forest paths and watch birds from all over the world gathered in this one beautiful spot. This is a nice way to relax before or after your helicopter flight.
click to enlargeJesuit Ruins in Paraguay: the Trinidad and Jesus archeological ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage site. They are located about 280 km from Iguassu Falls and can be reached by car over paved roads. To visit them, a full day is needed. This trip provides a great chance to see a little of Paraguay.
click to enlargeJesuit Ruins in Argentina: the San Ignacio Mini and Loreto archeological ruins are also UNESCO World Heritage sites. They are locted about 280 km from Iguassu Falls and can also be reached by car on paved roads. Again, a full day is needed to visit them. This trip provides a great opportunity to see a little of Argentina.
click to enlargeItaipu Dam: don´t miss this tour; its worth the trip and it does not take long to visit. The Itaipu Dam is the biggest hydroelectric power station in the word at the moment. The guided tour includes a movie about the construction and functioning of the dam and a visit to the top of the Dam.
click to enlargeCities: It is interesting to visit the cities of the area. Combine a tour of the Landmark of the Three Frontiers in Argentina with a visit to the city of Puerto Iguassu (Argentina). Combine a tour of the Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam with a visit to Iguassu Falls City (Brazil).
click to enlargeOther Options: at this site you will find many options. Some are ecological tours, like the ones to the Bertoni Museum in Paraguay and the rappelling adventure in Argentina. There are also fishing tours, a golf club, the dinner shows, a canoeing trip, etc.

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