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Feb, 13/2016
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Detach A Brazilian visaDetach Honeymoon in beautiful Iguassu Falls.
Detach Let us guide you on this wonderful journey!Detach Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, the discover of the Iguassu Falls.
Detach The Safari Boat Trip, an unforgettable adventure under the falls!Detach From above; the falls are really awesome!
Detach Bird Park, the best site for bird lovers!Detach Experience the Iguassu National Park bus system (Brazil).


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Reciprocity fee to visit Argentina
Since January 2013 citizens from United States, Canada and Australia must pay a reciprocity fee to visit the Iguassu Falls in Argentina. To know more about it and pay for it visit the Provincia Pagos Argentina.

After pay the tax using your credit card in print the receipt and bring with you to show at any border in Argentina.
Brazil Air Pass
For people that travel a lot the Brazil Air Pass and also the South America Air Pass is a good choice. [See more]

05/26/2016 a 05/30/2016: World Veterinary Cancer Congress - WVCC
Recanto Cataratas - Thermas, Resort e Convention
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06/04/2016 a 06/08/2016: 32nd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Chemical
Recanto Cataratas - Thermas, Resort e Convention
To see about the location click here

06/10/2016 a 06/13/2016: International Chromosome Conference -21 ICC
Rafain Palace Hotel & Convention Center
To see about the location click here

06/19/2016 a 06/23/2016: 5th International Conference on Engineering Optimization
Rafain Palace Hotel & Convention Center
To see about the location click here

06/26/2016 a 06/30/2016: International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and M
Mabu Thermas & Resort
To see about the location click here

09/14/2016 a 09/16/2016: TravelMart LatinAmerica
Recanto Cataratas - Thermas, Resort e Convention
To see about the location click here

"We had great a time in iguassu and that was thanks not only to the nature but also thanks to our guide, Mr. Damo. He took very good care of us and helped us in many different ways. The whole arrangement with the iguassu falls tours worked perfectly OK. Thank you" - Jacek Uziak, from Gaborone/Africa, Botswana.

"We used iguassu falls tour in july this year. We found the whole process from beginning to end very easy. Tour was organised prior to leaving australia and staff were very helpful throughout the booking process. This was then backed up BY very friendly and informative guide who met us at the airport. All in all a wonderful experience. Thanks to all at iguassu falls tours. You helped make our trip run smoothly." - Johanne Sheehy, from Kiama/NSW, Australia.

"Thank you for the excellent and expert guide for us to the falls. We had a wonderful time there. I particularly love the kindness, warmth and consideration given BY domo all throughout our 2 days in iguassu. Highly recommended to all. Superb service and value for money." - Chun Por WONG, from Hong Kong/Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

"We joined a 3-day 2-night tour to iguassu in june 2015. The falls are just magnificant and we enjoy the tour very much. Our guide, dame, is very helpful and friendly. We are told it is not the busy season and the group tour we signed up for turned out to be a private tour. Dame is very kind to let us take our time leisurely in the falls. He also suggested us to visit itaipu and it turned out to be a worthy addition. We arrived late on the first day and the hotel is cosy for a good rest. We visited the argentia side on the second day and spent a good whole day there. The boat safaris is so exciting. On the third day, we saw the brasilian side and the views are different but just as great. Before we go to the airport, dame gave us 1.5 hours to see the bird park. We are surprised to see so many macaws in a big cage. It was a pity not to have more time. The trip is far exceeding our expectation for the good price we pay. Iguassu is just a must see in latin america. Thank you for all the perfect arrangement BY iguassufallstour." - Benjamin Lam, from Hong Kong/Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

"Thanks for showing us a great time at iguassu. Special thanks to MY guide for taking special care of MY mother in law who had knee issues. Highly recommended!" - Mike xu, from Fort Lee/NJ, U.s..

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