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About Us

We are a Travel Agency located in Iguassu, Brazil. We work in the tourism business since 1997 and started this company in 2004, in the region of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina where the famous Iguassu Falls are located (the largest and most amazing waterfalls in the World). For a better idea of our location, see our Maps.

About Iguassu Falls
The Iguassu Falls are located in the middle of a dense, rich rainforest located in two national parks, where one can observe the area's very exuberant natural environment: rare birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, mammals, exotic plants and insects including beautiful butterflies and much more. Wildlife is everywhere. Here the visitor is encouraged not only to contemplate his natural surroundings but to become part of them as well; exploring the jungle in safaris, trekking, rafting, camping, meeting the local inhabitants and learning about their cultures, visiting the ruins and the museums, enjoying the comfort of the best hotels and clubs; tasting the delicious delicacies from Brazil's kitchens and relaxing in our resorts and spas.

What we can do for you?
Book hotels and tours in the Iguassu Falls area. Would you like to hire a local travel guide? No problem - we can arrange it. The guide will, of course, speak the requested language.
The hotel we book for you is our responsibility; we double-check everything in order to make your stay in Iguassu Falls as pleasant as possible.
Our home office is in Iguassu Falls. We offer a 24-hour assistance line. If you need help, call us and an agent will answer promptly 24 hours a day. We make the difference.
While visiting the Iguassu area, the best way to get around is using a van or car. We do it for you. All of the sites are convenient and time can be saved, especially at the borders.

Stay for how long?
A minimum of two nights must be spent in Iguassu Falls in order to see all the attractions. In the past, it was possible to see all the sights and spend only one night, but now, because of a new system, more time is necessary to see both sides of the falls. A one-night stay, allows the visitor to see only half of the attractions and, even so, the visitor will be very tired on the next leg of his journey. A tight schedule can also cause worries about flights; many times flights can arrive late causing the visitor to miss something. The best travel agents recommend two nights, but if additional attractions are added to the itinerary, such as the Jesuit Missions in Argentina and Paraguay or any of the other options in the area, it´s advisable to spend an extra day. Iguassu Falls is a wonderful green spot to relax in. Make your visit here unforgettable; don´t rush yourself.

Best time to come
The best time to come to Iguassu is anytime. As Iguassu is located in a subtropical region, it rains regularly in the area, but, even so, 70% of the days throughout the year are sunny. In sunny days visitors can see the beautiful rainbows that form over the waterfalls. Sometimes the waterfalls flow average is much higher and the water has a reddish color, making anyone amazed. The South American winter is a comfortable time to visit this area. Not only does it rain less in the winter, but also the water some times is crystal-clear and the temperature is very pleasant, varying from 0 to 25 degrees Celsius (approximately 32 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit). In the summer months, the temperatures are high, varying from 20 to 40 degrees Celsius (68 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit). It's very good to relax by the swimming pool and take the Safari and Boat ride under the waterfalls.

Have a nice trip!

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