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Things to do in Foz do Iguassu Brazil 
Iguassu Falls Golf Club
Skydive in Iguassu
Dream Land Wax Museum
Acquamania Foz Water Park
Kayak trip below Iguassu Falls
Sightseeing Cruises on the Parana River
Iguassu Secret Falls
Recanto Gaucho (horseback tours)
Fishing for Dourado in the Parana River
Movie Cars Entertainment Foz do Iguacu
Drive a kart in Iguassu
Thermas Parque Aquatico Cataratas
Beaches on Itaipu Lake
Pay lakes in Iguassu Falls
Wake Iguassu Cable Park
Budist Temple
DreamLand Wax Museum
Friendship Bridge
Tancredo Neves Bridge
Iguassu Falls Golf Club
click to enlargeLocated within view of the surrounding beauty of Iguassu National Park, the Iguassu Falls Golf Club offers an 18-hole championship golf course. To find more information about it we invite one to visit this website: www.iguassufallsgolfclub.com.br/copia-golfe
Location: Brazil
Travel distance: 8 km from Iguassu Falls city center
Skydive in Iguassu
click to enlargeFly Foz Skydive offers a double parachute jump. This type of jump allows you to feel the thrill of free fall while connected to one of our instructors. The double jump is the first stage of the skydiving course. The standard double jump is performed at a height between 9 and 10,000 feet. It takes 20 minutes of flight to reach the height of the jump. After jumping from the plane, there are about 30 seconds of free fall and after the parachute is open 7 to 8 minutes of the navigation until the moment of landing. Our parachute jumps are performed over the beautiful view of the Itaipu Dam and also a view of the Friendship Bridge Brazil and Argentina.

Address: Street Angela Aparecida Andrade, 1.188
Aerodromo Estancia Hercules
Foz do Iguacu ‚?? PR
+55 45 991278766 Whats-app
E-mail: info@flyfoz.com
Website: flyfoz.com
Location: Brazil
Travel distance: 8 km or 5 miles from downtown Iguassu Falls City
Dream Land Wax Museum
click to enlargeDreams Park Show or DreamLand Complex including Wax Museum, Dreams Motor Show, Super Cars, Hollywood Dream Cars, Dreams Ice Bar, Valley of the Dinosaurs and Harley Davison Museum. All attractions are located next to each other. Open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Adress: 8100 Avenida das Cataratas - Foz
Phone: 45 35278100 
Website: https://dreamland.com.br/c/foz-do-igua-u/
Location map
GPS -25.5915709,-54.5175899
Acquamania Foz Water Park
click to enlargeThere are seven polls, 8 toboggans, slow river, water mushrooms, cold waterfalls, aquatic volleyball polls, snack bars, ice cream shops and lots of fun.
Address: 9999 Avenida das Cataratas - Foz do Iguassu
Phone: +55 45 35298272
For more information: https://aquamania.com.br
Location map
GPS: -25.582581,-54.5275975

Location: Brazil
Travel distance: 8 km from Iguassu Falls city center
Open: Wednesday to Sundays from 10 a. m. (only summer time).
Kayak trip below Iguassu Falls
click to enlargeKayak tour on the Iguasssu River 12 km below the falls

Take a time adventuring on the Iguassu River below the falls

The activity begins with a 1.4 km trail hike to the base on the Iguacu River. The trail passes through the forest, with rich fauna and flora, beautiful trees with a region inhabited mostly by monkeys, coatimundi and several birds! But all the diversity that inhabits the National Park can be seeing. The average walking time is 45 minutes, on a slow pace so that one can enjoy the forest on the way.

Arriving on the river bank, the instructions are giving and the equipment is adjusted to one board on the kayak or SUP. After everyone is on board the activity starts on the water paddling for 1 hour in a radius of 2 km on the Iguassu River, a region of exuberant beauty. Perfect place to see the nature of lower Iguassu River.

Then we follow the path to have a shower in a beautiful waterfall located in the region.

Degree of difficulty: Moderate
Time: 3 Hours
Age: Under 18 with parental consent. Minimum age 10 years
Tour start: morning 8:00 a.m. | afternoon 2:00 p.m.

Important: Take a bottle for drinking water, repellent, sunscreen, light food (fruit, cereal bar etc) and clothes appropriate for the activity
We recommend walking shoes, walking shoes and swimwear!
One must have its own travel insurance for this tour
The use of slippers and sandals on the promenade

Address: Alameda Kaete - Remanso Grande - Foz do Iguassu, Brazil
WhatsApp: +55 45 991588826
Website: aguaray.com.br
Location map
Location: Brazil
Sightseeing Cruises on the Parana River
click to enlargeDo a boat tour on the Parana River Sailing also on the Iguassu River and see the meeting of the waters. Also, sail under the Tancredo Neves and Amizade bridges. See Ciudad del Este, Puerto Iguazu, Foz do Iguassu and the three borders Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay from the boat. See the beautiful sunset from the catamaran. See also the local geography, Parana river that was the old runaway of basalt lava.

List of sightseeing boat tours available in Iguassu on the Parana River, Brazil: Iguassu Adventure, the Meeting of Waters (including lunch), sunset on Parana River, spillway Tour, Iguassu Adventure Sunset, Three Frontiers Tour and Sport Fishing.

Name of the company that sells the tours: https://www.turtresfronteiras.com.br/home
Adress: Kattamaram II - Avenida General Meira - Foz do Iguassu
Phone: +55 45 31328147
Location map of the boarding point of the catamaran
GPS -25.5905181,-54.5788746
Location: Brazil
Travel distance: 8 km from downtown
Iguassu Secret Falls
click to enlargeThis is an ecological tour company offering walking tours in the forest outside of the national park near the Iguassu River, the trails leading to several waterfalls located near the Iguassu River, difficult access but there are ropes to help. During the tours, it is possible to rappel at one of the waterfalls. Tour guide in English and Spanish is available explaining about the local history, zoology, geology and botany.
Time of the tours: morning at 9:00 a.m. and afternoon at 2:00 pm. (3 to 4 hours tour). There is a full-day tour available, one must consult before to check about the availability.
Tours available: full day at Foz Secret Waterfalls, part-time at the secret waterfalls of Foz and also luau secret falls.
Address: 21 Manencio Martins - Vila Yolanda, Foz do Iguassu
Phone: 45 35298183
WhatsApp: +55 45 984072468
Website: iguassusecretfalls.com.br
Recanto Gaucho (horseback tours)
click to enlargeThis is a typical rustic country place, where Gaucho traditions such as traditional dances from the pampas can be observed and typical food including the popular beef barbecue (churrasco) can be sampled. Gauchos are the people from the southern part of Argentina and Brazil - the South American cowboys. On Sundays, there are always horses available for a ride. The speciality of the house are the ribs on the spit; pieces of beef weighing 40 pounds which are left to cook slowly over a natural fire for 7 hours. For lunch, on Sundays, one must arrive by 1:00 p.m. (It is advisable to check the availability in advance). During the week it is possible to take horseback tours near the Iguassu National Park area; this tour must be booked in advance. See more information about it: recantogaucho.com
Location: Av. das Cataratas KM 11 - Brazil
Fishing for Dourado in the Parana River
click to enlargeGuided fishing tours are available on the Parana River and Itaipu Lake for amateurs and professionals. Includes transfers, boats, beverages, fishing gear, bait and lunch.
Location: 6 km or 4 miles from downtown Iguassu Falls City center
See also: Fishing in Iguassu Falls for Dourado
Movie Cars Entertainment Foz do Iguacu
click to enlargeMovie Cars Entertainment brings the vehicles that marked Hollywood straight from the big screen, such as the DeLorean time machine of the unforgettable Back to the Future, Ecto-1 by Ghostbusters, among others.
Address: Rodovia das Cataratas KM 20 - Foz
Phone: +55 45 3198.2020
Website: https://moviecars.com.br
Location map
Location: Brazil
Drive a kart in Iguassu
click to enlargeAdrena Kart. Brazil is the land of Airton Sena, Emerson Fittipaldi, Tony Canaan and Castro Neves and so many great race car drivers. In Iguassu there is a place where you can drive a kart. There is an official kart track only 1 mile from the downtown area. It is open in the evening. It is lit up and is one more option for people that really want to drive a kart.
Adrena Kart address: 880 Heleno Schimmelpfeng street - Foz do Iguassu - Brazil
Business hours: 5:00 to 11:00 p.m.
Phone: 45 535720022 and whatsapp +55 45 999170252
Website: https://pt-br.facebook.com/AdrenaKart
Location: Brazil
Open: Monday to Friday from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Thermas Parque Aquatico Cataratas
click to enlargeThe Thermas Parque Aquatico Cataratas - Thermal Waters is located close to the Iguassu National Park and it offers a nice area for picnics and barbecue kiosks to rent. There are swimming pools of natural hot water from the Guarani Aquifer. During the summer people from the area go there for the weekend. It is open during spring and summer from October to March from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Phone: 45 35296016
Map location: Location map

Location: BR 469 - rodovia das Cataratas KM 16,5 - Brazil
Open: Tuesday to Sundays from 8 am to 7 pm. (In the winter-time it remains closed).
Beaches on Itaipu Lake
click to enlargeIn the Spring and Summer, on the weekends. Thousands of residents and visitors enjoy the fresh waters of Itaipu Lake on artificial beaches in Foz do Iguacu, Santa Terezinha de Itaipu, Sao Miguel do Iguacu, Itaipulandia, Missal, Marshal Candido Rondon and Santa Helena. At the beach, one will find facilities like kiosks, shaded green areas, barbecue grills, bath area, sink and spit for a barbecue under the threes. large collective bathrooms with showers, snack bars, restaurant, boardwalk and square camping area. In Itaipulandia beach one find also thermal waters.
Pay lakes in Iguassu Falls
click to enlargeFor people that like fishing and want go to make the perfect place to spend their time around private lakes catching fish in Iguassu area. At the fishing spots one has a chance to prepare his catch and taste it. Some places are closed during the winter and also during the week. It is better always to call before get there. See below the pa-to-fish places in Iguassu: 

Conte - Rua Iguaracu, s/n - Arroio Dourado (45) 99915-1119
Golfinho - Av. Joao Riciere Maran,1.777 - Tres Lagoas (45) 3577-3008
Kipeixe - Av. Joao Riciere Maran, 1.417 -  Tres Lagoas (45) 3577-2363
Marchetti - Av. Felipe Wandscheer, Km 5 - Sanga Funda (45) 3525-5084
Recanto da Paz - Av. Felipe Wandscheer, Km 14 - Sanga Funda (45) 98411-8303
Recanto - Av. Joao Ricieri Maran, s/n - Tres Lagoas (45) 3577-3173
Wandcheer - Rua Itaborai, 3.815 - Arroio Dourado (45) 3529-7915 
Paga Cem - Rua Itaborai, 707 - Arroio Dourado (45) 99106-9560
Wake Iguassu Cable Park
Full wakeboard course
A theoretical lesson of 15 minutes and a practical lesson of 30 to 45 minutes, varying according to the line at the cable park, excellent for those who have never had contact with any board sport.

Professionals pack session
For athletes in the city who have a pack of sessions and their complete equipment.

Professionals session with equipment
A session with basic and quick instruction out of the water and 15 minutes of practical class.

They can also organize a wakeboard excursion on the Iguassu River

For more information: Mr Ettore Oro Amaral
Whats-app: +55 45 999972400  
E-mail: ettowake@hotmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/WakeIguassu/
Address: 333 Alameda Buri - Remanso Grande - Foz do Iguassu
Location on the map: Wakeboard Iguassu
Location: Brazil
Budist Temple
click to enlargeOpen since 1996 it is a meeting place for the Chinese community that lives in Iguassu.
99 Dr. Josivalter Vila Nova Street Jardim California - Foz do Iguassu, Brasil
Phone: 45 35245566
Location map
GPS -25.4745186,-54.5991801
Location: Brazil
Travel distance: 8 km from downtown
Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
DreamLand Wax Museum
The Dreamland Wax Museum has 17 incredible scenes. In each of them there is a surprise waiting for you: characters from all times, who please and delight adults and children.

During the tour you can interact with your favorite artists and idols ‚?? and even take selfies with them. There are more than 100 characters from cinema, music, television, sports, politics and history. For action lovers, we have the main superheroes and movie villains.

Obama and Albert Einstein are also waiting for you here at Dreamland.

Here at the Wax Museum you will also find several characters from the imagination of children.

You can get to know Homer Simpson¬īs sofa and play with singers and actors who made history in Brazil and around the world.

Location map
Friendship Bridge
click to enlargeBuilt in 1965, Friendship Bridge is more than a link between Brazil and Paraguay. The Bridge serves as a monument representing the union of these neighbouring countries. On the Paraguayan side is Ciudad Del Este, a electronics shoppers¬īs paradise.

See the Friendship Bridge from the sky.

Travel distance: 6 km or 4 miles from downtown Iguassu Falls City
Tancredo Neves Bridge
click to enlargeThe Tancredo Neves Bridge was opened in 1985 to link the frontier cities of Iguassu Falls, Brazil, and Puerto Iguassu, Argentina. It must be crossed in order to visit the Argentine side of the falls.

See the Friendship Bridge from the sky.

GPS -25.588432, -54.561652
Travel distance: 7 km or 4,5 miles from downtown Iguassu Falls City

click to enlarge
Electric transformer at Furnas
click to enlarge
click to enlarge
Ultralight trike
click to enlarge
Itaipu Lake
click to enlarge
Friendship Bridge


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