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Around Puerto Iguazu 
Horseback Adventure in the Subtropical Rainforest
Aripuca (The Trap)
Bird Refuge
Imagenes de la Selva Museum
Wanda Mines Misiones Argentina
Horseback Adventure in the Subtropical Rainforest
click to enlargeTake a step back in time as you ride a horse along a beautiful subtropical rainforest trail and experience special moments surrounded by the natural beauty of the environment. The trail passes through a village of a local indian tribe, the Guarani, where a glimpse of their live stile can be experienced.
Location: On the way to the falls, Argentina
Approximate time: 2 hours plus travel time
Travel distance: 9 km from Iguassu Falls city center, Brazil
Aripuca (The Trap)
click to enlargeAn aripuca (aripuca = trap) is a handmade trap of sticks. It is used by the indians to catch birds. With the right bait, birds are attracted to the device and caught in it.
The Aripuca recalls the shape of indian aripucas but was built to reflect the richness of the Misiones Forest. At the Aripuca visitors find wood specimens from both countries (Argentina and Brazil) displayed in a unique way. Visitors are guided by specialists.
Location: On the way to the falls, Argentina
Approximate time: 30 minutes
Bird Refuge
click to enlargeIn Guarani "guira" means bird and "roga" means house, guira-oga = house of birds. Staffed by specialists in the recovery of birds of prey, this center works in the rescue and recover endangered and wounded birds (especially birds of prey).
The facilities located in the middle of the jungle, were built on natural forest clearings as not a single tree was cut down. This refuge offers a model of how to live in true peace with the environment. It is an unforgettable hiking experience that offers direct contact with local flora and fauna.
Location: Argentina
Approximate time: 1 hour
Travel distance: On the way to the falls
Imagenes de la Selva Museum
click to enlargeIn the museum one finds Rodolfo Allous sculptures in wood based on jungle images. He is a dentist and was born in Paraguay. His parents were related to Jules Verne (the writer). Sculpting the natural wood into strange forms, he gets the essential human forms from branches and trunks. In the museum there are also sculptures by Jorge Cafrune and Horacio Quiroga. Open Monday to Saturday from 8h to 12h and 15h to 18h (entrance fee USD $3).
Location: Ruta 12 (on the way to Iguassu Falls)
Travel distance: Puerto Iguazu - Argentina
Wanda Mines Misiones Argentina
click to enlargeOn the way to the Jesuit Missions ruins in Argentina there is a village named Wanda Mines, where you can closely see the extraction and lapidarian of stones.
In Wandas Mines, among the well-know stores you can find a nice variety of rough and shaped semiprecious stones. People use to stop by this place when there is time.

GPS -25.957059, -54.601508
Location: on the way to the jesuit missions ruins, Argentina
Approximate time: 1 hour plus travel time
Travel distance: 45 km (28 miles) from Iguassu Falls City

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