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BUS - Sao Paulo and Rio to Iguassu by bus 
Are there information booths at Airports and Bus Stations?
Yes, there are. It is easier than you think. If you follow our info and if you have a good travel book you will save time. Don´t forget to get your luggage receipts and take the small bags inside the bus with you. When you buy the tickets you can opt to have insurance or not.
Types of buses
In Brazil the buses are ok some times. Leito = sleeper bus - bus with 25 seats that extend into beds, WiFi, air conditioning, coffee and water. The Executive or Conventional = 44 comfortable seats, air conditioning and water.

If you are planning to come to Iguassu by bus from Buenos Aires, Rio or Sao Paulo, try to take an Argentinean bus as they are more comfortable and have more legroom.

Brazilian companies stop operating some routes of the sleeper bus. Some times during low season to travel from Rio to Sao Paulo it cost less by plane. 

How long is the journey and how much does it cost from Sao Paulo?
From Sao Paulo to Iguassu will cost approximately USD $73.00 leito (sleeper bus - Pluma). Conventional or executive buses will cost approximately USD $50.00. Travel time - 16 hours. From Sao Paulo, buses normally depart in the evening and arrive the next morning. We suggest that elder people take the sleeper bus.

Brazilian companies stop operating some routes of the sleeper bus.
From where do I depart in Sao Paulo?
There are two big bus stations (terminals) in Sao Paulo. The main one is the TIETE TERMINAL Rodoviario bus station, also called Portuguesa - Tiete Metro Station (Sao Paulo Interstate bus integrated with the metro station) and it is located in the Northern part of the city. It has connection shuttles from and to Guarulhos - GRU airport and Congonhas - CGA airport.
The other bus station is BARRA FUNDA (subway and also bus station). This one is near downtown. One can get to the Congonhas - CGA airport by metro. The name of the metro station to get off is ESTACAO CONGONHAS. Below is the link how to get to the Congonhas Airport CGA by subway or metro. Here one find map of Sao Paulo city subway routes, see more.
How long is the journey and how much does it cost from Rio?
From Rio to Iguassu will cost approximately USD $73.00. There are no sleeper buses - only executive buses. Travel time: 21 hours.
From where do I depart in Rio de Janeiro?
In Rio you will depart from the Terminal Rodoviario Novo Rio (Bus station) - it also has connection shuttles from and to GIG - Congonhas airport and SDU - Santos Dumont Airport. Getting around Rio de Janeiro by metro, subway see more.
Iguassu long range bus service and interstate bus information, see more.

Iguassu Falls Tours SuggestionBUS - Sao Paulo and Rio to Iguassu by bus

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