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National Park

Iguassu National Park Brazil 
GPS Location
About the Park
Location of the Park
Iguassu National Park Bus Service
Macuco safari and boat trip
White water rafting on the Iguassu River
The Tower in Brazil
Restaurant at the Iguassu Falls in the park
Number of visitors in the Park
GPS Location

Iguassu National Park Location in Brazil 
About the Park
click to enlargeCreated originally to protect the world-famous Iguassu Falls, the approximately 185,265 hectares or (457,799 acres) 715mi² of the Park now represent about 80% of what remains of the once extensive subtropical rainforest that covered the southeastern part of the country. Despite its proximity to burgeoning cities such as Iguassu Falls and Cascavel, the Park still harbors a large array of its original fauna, including large predators such as jaguars (panthera onca) and pumas (puma concolor), and ungulates, such as wild pigs and tapirs (tapirus terrestris). Iguassu National Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986.

Iguassu National Park entrance fee is approximately USD $20.00 per person.
Location: Brazil
Approximate time: open daily
Travel distance: 16 km from Iguassu Falls city center, Brazil.
Open: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location of the Park
click to enlargeIguassu National Park is located between the parallels 25º 05´ / 25º 41´ South and longitudes 53º 40´ / 54º 38´. Due to the location of the Iguassu Falls National Park in relation to the Tropic of Capricorn and the difference in altitudes in the Park, it has different types of vegetation. In the southwestern part of the Park (170 meters above sea level) there are many species typical of tropical rain forests and Atlantic rainforests. In the northeastern part of the park are found the pre-historic araucaria angustifolia (umbrella pine tree) that grows in areas 500 meters above sea level, always surrounded by Ilex paraguayensis (mate tea). The northeastern part of the Iguassu Falls National Park is high between 700 and 800 meters above sea level.
See also: Subtropical rain forest
Iguassu National Park Bus Service
Good facilities and a modern tourist service system have made a visit to the Iguassu National Park even more interesting than in the past. The transportation system based on comfortable double-decker buses takes tourists to the main attractions on the Brazilian side.
Macuco safari and boat trip
click to enlargeThe Safari starts with a drive of 3 km along a forest trail in a four-wheel drive vehicle. Several stops are made for bilingual guides to provide information about the flora and fauna of the park. At the 3 km point, an optional 600 meter walking trail leads to a small waterfall called Salto do Macuco. From there, the trail continues to the banks of the Iguassu River, where an upstream zodiac boat tour to Devil´s Throat begins. The exhilarating rafting expedition is made in a large, sturdy, double engine rubber launch and affords the visitor a unique and breathtakingly beautiful view of the Falls. People get wet in this tour.
See also: Macuco Safari and Boat Trip
People that really like adrenaline rushes must try the tours below. All the equipment is provided.
White water rafting on the Iguassu River
click to enlargeIf you do the boat trip, on the way back there is a possibility also to do the rafting.
See also: White Water Rafting on the Iguassu River
The Tower in Brazil
click to enlargeThey started to build the tower in 1957 and is 60 meters high. It was refurbished in 2001. There are two lifts (elevators) helping people to reach the top.
Restaurant at the Iguassu Falls in the park
click to enlargePorto Canoas is the name of a nice restaurant insight of the Iguassu Falls, buffet style. In the same place, there another two restaurants, one with fast food and another one with natural juices and sandwiches. For drink lovers, there is a bar with a local beer. 

GPS: -25.6927421, -54.4342381

Location of the restaurant.

Number of visitors in the Park
Number of visitors on the Brazilian side in the last 39 years:
1980 713.414
1981 708.984
1982 722.538
1983 420.778
1984 687.742
1985 875.861
1986 1.061.052
1987 1.084.205
1988 875.441
1989 863.171
1990 822.785
1991 647.318
1992 750.939
1993 868.748
1994 968.944
1995 822.241
1996 830.255
1997 734.617
1998 726.667
1999 839.883
2000 767.193
2001 735.775
2002 645.832
2003 764.709
2004 980.937
2005 1.084.239
2006 954.039
2007 1.055.433
2008 1.154.046
2009 1.070.072 (went down due to the global economic crash in the previous year)
2010 1.265.000
2011 1.394.187
2012 1.535.382
2013 1.518.876
2014 1.550.607
2015 1.642.093
2016 1.560.792 (people from 170 countries)
2017 1.788.922 (people from 166 countries)
2018 1.895.501
2019 2.020.358 (people from 177 countries)

Record of daily visitors:

2004 10.901
2009 12.388 (October 12th)
2009 12.513 (November first)
2010 14.326 (November 15th)
2011 16.672 (April)
2016 15.216 (February 26th)
2017 14.308 (April 14th)
2018 16.057 (March 30th)
2019 15.752 (April 19th)

Number of the main visitors in the Iguassu National park in 2019 (per country)
Brazil 1.073.814
Argentina 436.369
Paraguay 63.046
United States 49.109
France 39.490
Spain 32.039
Germany 29.289
England 24.002
Peru 21.649
China 19.719
Italy 18.526
Uruguay 16.968
South Korea 16.918
Colombia 14.483
Chile 13.350
Japan 12.557
Mexico 11.052
Australia 11.037
Israel 10.312
Bolivia 7.302
Netherlands 7.006
Canada 6.363
Swiss-land 6.072
Ecuador 5.729
Russia 5.555
Poland 4.130
Belgic 3.516
Portugal 2.874
India 2.460

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