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Jul, 24/2024
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World Nature Games 
The Nature Games are born When were the first games?
The World Nature Games were organized for the first time in 1997 and held from September 27th to October 5th.

Were the games recognized by the Olympic comity?

When will start the next world nature games?
We would like to see it happening in the future.

About the Games
Much more than a sports category, they are a true lesson in balance, determination and harmony with the environment. Whether in water, on land or in the air, the challenge is always the same: to teach man the necessity of preserving the world he lives in. Direct contact with nature is the basic feature of this event. With no enclosed spaces or stationary settings, athletes and spectators have the opportunity to be near the natural beauty and riches of the region. In the rivers and lakes, on the mountains and trails, and in the winds, great athletes from the five continents challenged their own limits.

In water sports (slalom canoeing, sprint canoeing, sailing, rafting and fishing);
On land (golf, cycling, archery, mountain climbing, triathlon and equestrian endurance);
In the air (parachuting, and ballooning).

The facilities around the lake
Along with the existing infrastructure, such as artificial beaches, developed throughout the years since the formation of the Itaipu Lake (1982), the State Government, through the Department of Sports and Tourism, in a joint effort with the municipal administrations of the region, is building facilities for the World Nature Games, which will remain as assets to be continuously used. This is the case of the Water Park and the Dam Park, both built next to the Itaipu Dam, and of the marinas constructed along the Itaipu Lake, as well as other facilities and pieces of equipment.

Let´s try to save what is last
The artificial channel. Thousands of Fish will provide natural breeding conditions with the end of the artificial channel connecting Itaipu Lake to the Parana River. Since the formation of the Lake, in 1982, in the spawning period, the fish schools can traverse the dam in search of the rising of the river currents in which they prefer to spawn. Besides this ecological function, the artificial channel, built by the Government of the State of Parana, it is the first in Latin America used for the practice of sports and serves as the venue of the rafting and slalom competitions in the next editions of the World Nature Games.

About the fish migration channel
The artificial channel is the biggest in South America. In addition to its 120 leveling meters, it has an extension of 6 kilometers. It is at least 10 meters wide and 1 meter deep. To build this channel, the Bela Vista riverbed was used. It rises inside the area influenced by the dam and flows into the Parana River about three kilometers down the spillway. There, in October, when "piracema" (fish spawning season) begins, about 20 thousand fish of almost 100 species are surpassing the 120 meters to reach Itaipu Lake.

 World Nature Games

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